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Prism's Journey 03
         The Lesson
    The standard issue wrist com was primarily a means of one-to-one communication. A hero could use it to call another hero, and see them on screen. Not unlike the cell phones of the day, but more advanced, and designed with hero activity in mind.
    They also had other features, such as a 'unit scan', allowing it to find other heroes in the area.
    The screen showed a map of the area. After a second, the scan found a couple of units in the area, but even the closest was a few blocks away.
    As she was focused at the screen, a rope suddenly appeared, wrapped around her wrists.
    “A lasso?” she thought to herself in surprise. “No-- a noose!”
    She look up from the screen to see five figures standing in front of her. All five of them wore executioner’s hoods of black cloth that covered their
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Prism's Journey 02
         EPISODE TWO
         The Flight
    Using her wrist com, she contacted The Operator.
    “Operator?” she asked, as soon as the call connected. “I need to talk to-- oh, uh, this is Prism. Ah, from Argent City? I need to contact Guardian Girl in... Fort Dorado. Can you patch me in?”
    “I'm sorry,” replied The Operator, in a pleasant tone of indeterminate gender. “Guardian Girl cannot be reached from this wrist com at this time. Please try again from another unit, or call back at a different time.”
    “Okay,” Prism replied, disappointed. “Thank you.”
    She ended the transmission and tried to recall if she knew anyone in the Dorado area, but she couldn't think of any. Not anyone she knew personally.
    “Oh well. This probably shouldn't be done over the phone, anyways. It be more meaningful,
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Prism's Journey 01
         EPISODE ONE
         The Mission
    Beep beep! Beep beep!
    Beep beep! Beep beep!
    Beep beep! Beep beep!
    The sound of the wrist-com filled the little room, yet its signal fell on deaf ears. Or rather, panicked and distracted ears.
    Prism hurried about the apartment-like chamber, searching every conceivable hiding place. These places had only two rooms and the basic necessities; designed for temporary use by heroes who need a quick rest or change, or whose headquarters were far away. Low ranked heroes like Prism didn't get their own personal hideouts.
    “Where is it?” she wailed out loud. “Where is it!”
    There weren't many places it could have been.
    The wrist-com continued its beeping, indifferent to her plight.
    “Oh, fine!” she said in a huff. “I'm coming.”
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By the Bridge
    I'm driving home from work, and it's just like any other night. It's the same route I've been taking for the past year. Maybe two years? The days have so blurred together that I don't even know how long it's been.
    I'm driving home from work, and I come up to the bridge-- the big, steel bridge over Blue Reed River.
    Parked on the side by the bridge is a car. It's a dull, bluish four-door. No emergency blinkers or anything. It's just sitting there.
    As I pass it, I see her. She's standing by the edge, looking down at the icy water below. I can't see her face, but she seems... sad. Empty, somehow.
    I slow down and pull over onto the shoulder. I stop, put on my blinkers, and get out.
    I walk over to where she's standing.
    "Hey," is all I say at first.
    She looks over, only mildly surprised. "What do you want?" She's not rude, just a shade suspicious.
    "Mind if I sit here f
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Guardian Girl age progression by Willdabeast-0305 Guardian Girl age progression :iconwilldabeast-0305:Willdabeast-0305 5 2
Hero's Dilemma 35
    Downtown Argent City was alive that day with the hustle and bustle of any grand metropolis. Only quality public transportation kept the streets from being completely congested with so many vehicles, chugging about all through the day.
    From amid the cars that did travel the streets, a black SUV with tinted windows pulled into a parking lot and soon came to a stop. The passenger door opened, and Paragon stepped out onto the pavement. He was well accustomed to driving, and to being in his hero suit. However, the two did not overlap often.
    As Sycorax stepped out of the car, Paragon turned to the chauffeur. “Thanks for the ride. I would have just flown, but it's not stable enough for two adults and two toddlers, you see.”
    The chauffeur, a tattooed man who could have passed for a body guard or club bouncer, only nodded in agreement.
    The parents each took one of the chi
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Hero's Dilemma 34
         Chapter 9, part 7
    Paragon's head jerked back from the impact, and the henchmen let go of him, letting his body fall to the ground.
    Their leader didn't wait around to watch, however. He was already walking for the far door, giving not a second thought to the man he had just shot.
    “We have to hurry,” he said as the other two hastened to catch up to him. “The witch surely already knows we're here. We have to act fast.”
    One of the two took the lead, and reached for the doorknob. But as she did, her breath became visible as an icy mist. They looked at her. She hesitated, then removed one glove and placed a hand to the door. A fractal pattern of white frost spread out across the surface of the door.
    “But I thought--” she began, then looked at the other two. They looked from her to each other. Then, slowly and as one, they turned. Paragon stood not ten fe
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Hero's Dilemma 33
         Chapter 9, part 6
    As they slowly made their way to the door, Paragon stood where he could keep an eye on them.
    “There we go,” he said calmly. “No sudden moves. Let's all walk out of here and get back to our lives. Sound good?”
    But as the first of them stepped through the door, Alpha Leader made his move. In one swift action, he drew a hidden boot knife, pulled Father Gatti close to him, and put the blade to his neck.
    Paragon turned the gun at him. “Let him go, creep!”
    Hearing this, the rest of the intruders stopped their departure, and waited to see how this would pan out. Perhaps the mission was not a failure, some thought to themselves.
    “Don't worry, Paragon,” Gatti said, sounding less worried than the situation would merit. “He won't do anything.”
    “And what makes you think that?
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Hero's Dilemma 32
         Chapter 9, part 5
    Paragon walked quickly through corridors lined with paintings and marble busts of Sycorax's ancestors and other great witches. While there were images both of men and women, the women seemed to be more numerous. He was reminded of how Sycorax had told him that witch magic comes more easily to women than to men, and that men often did other things with their lives, using simple cantrips as a practical utility to support their otherwise mundane occupations, while their wives and sisters were more often the ones to become great enchanters and conjurers of the arcane. They healed the dying, foresaw the coming of heroes, and burned armies to the ground.
    She had told him once at a party that it was Claudia, the ex-wife of the Roman emperor Nero, who had burned Rome. Later, she had her former husband killed, for he had had a number of affairs, and treated her very poorly.
    Overhearing this, a friend p
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Cookie's Dilemma by Willdabeast-0305 Cookie's Dilemma :iconwilldabeast-0305:Willdabeast-0305 2 2 Ultimate Warrior Bday by Willdabeast-0305 Ultimate Warrior Bday :iconwilldabeast-0305:Willdabeast-0305 1 3 TV 2 by Willdabeast-0305 TV 2 :iconwilldabeast-0305:Willdabeast-0305 1 1
Hero's Dilemma 31
         Chapter 9, part 4
    Paragon hurried quietly down the hallway. He had been forced to abandon his magnetic boots, as they would have made too much noise on the castle's stone floor. But with the sword earthbound, they would have been of little use.
    As he reached an intersection in the hallway, he heard footsteps approaching from the hall to his left. Pressing himself against the adjacent wall, he waited.
    There were two of them, and they were moving faster than the ones that came to his room. They weren't searching, they were converging; meeting up with the others to surround their target.
    The first one didn't bother looking down the hallway where Paragon waited. The second one glanced to his left and then to his right, just in time to see Paragon leap out and grab him. Before the man could even gather his wits, Paragon grabbed him by the collar and started punching him repeatedly across the face.
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The Super Seven by Willdabeast-0305 The Super Seven :iconwilldabeast-0305:Willdabeast-0305 1 6 another Sycorax by Willdabeast-0305 another Sycorax :iconwilldabeast-0305:Willdabeast-0305 1 2
Hero's Dilemma 30
         Chapter 9, part 3
    "What do I do?" he asked aloud. "What do I do?" His pulse was racing, and his breath became rapid.
    Footsteps on the cobblestones alerted him to the enemy's approach. He could hear other doors being opened systematically, each followed by a brief, whispered note.
    Hefting the massive blade, he stood in wait behind the door. It was poor choice of weapon for one reduced to natural strength, but a room shared with children rarely provided alternatives.
    The footsteps slowed and became softer, as those they came from approached more cautiously.
    Paragon strained to lift the sword as the door creaked open. He could see them through the crack between the door and the wall; three men carrying assault rifles of some sort, and moved like SWAT or military personnel.
    As they stood just behind the doorway, he heard a click and a beep-- the sound of a walkie talkie. He
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Sorry I've been pretty inactive lately. I've been busy. And stressed.

But I've got some good stuff in the works! Mainly, the next installment in the Argent City stories. I can't say too much right now, but this story takes place during the events of Hero's Dilemma, but focuses different characters. Paragon may make brief appearances, but he's not the star of this story arch. Who is? You'll just have to wait and see :3

I've also been involved in a local d&d group, and I've been doing some sketches and character art for that, so maybe I'll post some of those, too.

Well, I look forward to sharing more stuff soon.

Take care! And don't forget to be awesome : )
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