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Whoops ha ha ha! I totally forgot to post this here after uploading it to Tapastic! My bad!

So without further adieu: The Monster Zodiac! (part 1 of 2)

Note: This is not meant to represent any sort of canonical astrology in the world of Outcast Kingdom, nor is it meant to necessarily represent how those monsters act. It's just a re-imagining of our horoscope signs but with the sorts of creatures found in Outcast Kingdom instead of the classic signs. Just for fun.

(if you want to know which one corresponds to you, either pick which ever sounds like you, or find the one of the matching element / modality to your real-life sign.)

Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Pros: Caring, adaptable, responsive, wise, intuitive
Cons: Clingy, secretive, obsessive, manipulative
Those born under the sign of the witch have an affinity for nature and the spiritual, and avoid excessive materialism. They value knowledge over wealth, pets over possessions, and family over business. They tend to be kind and compassionate, and wise beyond their years. However, they tend to keep secrets-- even from family and loved ones. If you are not part of something they are interested in, they are unlikely to share it with you. If you know someone of this sign that you are not on good terms with, be weary of any gifts they may give you-- that kindness may be a trick, as they can be cunning and spiteful when at their worst.

Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed
Pros: Loyal, confident, ambitious, encouraging, strong-willed
Cons: Over zealous, pretentious, stubborn
Those born under the sign of the horseman are pro-active and disciplined. They are focused, trustworthy, and determined. However, they tend to solve everything they can by head strong physical force. They are fiercely loyal, even when it may be a good idea to question that loyalty. They also can have trouble expressing themselves sometimes, so if you have a friend of this sign, you may need to be patient with them.

Element: Earth
Modality: Mutable
Pros: Patient, serving, uncomplicated, cooperative,
Cons: Unthinking, cold, tactless, unobservant
Those born under the sign of the zombie tend to be the “slow and steady” type, and will usually take a long time to do well a job that others would do in haste. They tend to work together well with others of like-minded behavior, working in groups for maximum effect. They rarely consider themselves too good for a job, and are content to work simple jobs. However, they don't often think things through, and will likely keep trying to push a stuck door open instead of considering the possibility that it may need to be pulled.

Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Pros: Diplomatic, graceful, social, charismatic, passionate
Cons: Unforgiving, indulgent, manipulative, egocentric, proud
Those born under the sign of the vampire are born leaders. They have the grace and social prowess to impress business contacts and win favors from friends. They tend to be clever, charming, and wise. However they can be self-centered, and take unfair advantage of their friendships. If you have a friend of this sign, you may have to learn to say no to him-- no matter how hard that may be. But do not bruise his ego, for they can be proud, and do not forgive easily.

Element: Water
Modality: Fixed
Pros: Empathetic, wise, graceful,
Cons: Emotional, dramatic, cold, prone to depression.
Those born under the sign of the ghost often seem mature for their age-- for better and worse. They can be calm, cool, and wise. They are patient, though somewhat introverted. Though rarely cheerful, they are happy just to be at peace in a quiet room. Perhaps reading an old book. However, they can be cold, overly dramatic, and tend to play the martyr. They can be extremely nostalgic, becoming attached to a thing or place-- always holding onto the object, or refusing to leave the place they are obsessed with. They can become racked with guilt, needing help from friends to forgive themselves.

Element: Fire
Modality: Mutable
Pros: Generous, idealistic, hard-working, inventive, progressive, cooperative
Cons: Careless, irresponsible, superficial, reckless, self-righteous, judgmental
Those born under the sign of the human are industrious and hard working. They dream big and strive to achieve those dreams at any cost. They form strong bonds of friendship with anyone they have common grounds with-- be it family ties, a shared interest, or sharing a home town. However, they can be careless in their pursuits, unaware of consequences. They can also be judgmental of others, and exhibit a 'holier-than-thou' attitude, and want to be recognized for any good that they do.

Real world → OK translation (based on element/modality)
Cancer → Witch
Leo → Horseman
Virgo → Zombie
Libra → Vampire
Scorpio → Ghost
Sagittarius → Human

Where do you fit in all this? Does your equivalent sign sound like you? Does another one? If your sign isn't up yet, I'll post the other six within a couple of days... once I think of a good one for the air/mutable (Gemini equivalent).

As an Aquarius, mine isn't up yet either. Though I can be a bit of a Ghost sometimes. Just a bit.

I was saving this for a late-comic day, but I thought I'd do a little hobbit-style birthday* and give you all a little something just to say Thank You.
: )

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