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Outcast Kingdom 1-09 by Willdabeast-0305
Outcast Kingdom 1-09
Will the gang break up just before their biggest job ever? What's going to happen next?
Tune in next time, for the conclusion to the prolog to the first chapter of Outcast Kingdom!

So, as I've mentioned (or maybe I didn't), I'm going out of town in December, and won't be back for a month. I should be able to finish the next page before then. I hope.
Sorry I can't keep up with a once-a-week schedule, but there's a lot going on right now.
January should be better.

(Also, I wanted to shade this one, like the previous episode, but I simply ran out of time.)

Please comment, like, subscribe, etc. Your feedback really makes a difference!

Take care!
 - WJB
Gaming Time 1: Realm of the Mad God by Willdabeast-0305
Gaming Time 1: Realm of the Mad God
My character's name is a Shakespeare reference, while my friends work together to make a dick joke. If you knew us, this wouldn't be a surprise.

Yet another tale from my life. This time, however, there is no exaggeration. This is what happened when I introduced two of my friends to Realm of the Mad God.
Commander Keen and The Batter cosplay - Izumicon by Willdabeast-0305
Commander Keen and The Batter cosplay - Izumicon
My costumes at Izumicon 2014 this past weekend. I'm satisfied with how they turned out (except that I didn't put the green stripe on the helmet, and I didn't bleech my Batter pants, but that's all details).

What I generally go for when cosplaying is something that is A) cool (in my opinion), B) relatively obscure, and C) as cheap as possible.
Overall, I don't think I spent more than thirty dollars on both costumes together. Which is good, because I am going to New York next month, and it will cost me basically all of my money.

One of these games is from my childhood, and one of my earlier video games... the other one is much more recent, as I had played it only about half a year ago.

Commander Keen belongs to 3D Realms (formerly Apogee Software) (Unless I am mistaken)
The Batter belongs to Mortis Ghost.
Outcast Kingdom 1-08 by Willdabeast-0305
Outcast Kingdom 1-08
NEXT: coming soonish

PREV: Outcast Kingdom 1-07

FIRST: Outcast Kingdom 1-01

HA HA HA! Remember when I said I was going to get back on schedule? And now I'm a whole Beatles-Week late. For a supposedly weekly update.
That is not cool, and I apologize.

So here's the deal: I'm going to update whenever I can. I am not going to rush my comics and sacrifice quality for the sake of punctuality. Time-efficiency is important, but not when I look at my comics and think "that doesn't look good". That happens when you rush.
I'm going to try to get done on time, but sometimes I will be late. But better late than embarrassed by mistakes I could have fixed.


And as always, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your patience!
Outcast Kingdom 1-07 by Willdabeast-0305
Outcast Kingdom 1-07
NEXT: Outcast Kingdom 1-08

PREV: Outcast Kingdom 1-06

FIRST: Outcast Kingdom 1-01

Follow Outcast Kingdom on Tapastic to see new episodes as soon as they're available:

I'm still trying to discover my style-- namely in terms of coloring and editing. Feel free to provide feed back.

Also, congratulations to Red Coat Guy on his promotion to the ranks of named characters *applause*

Comments and questions are always welcome!
I decided to go ahead and post page 2, because I wanted to unveil the main characters.

Before reading further, go check out page 2:…
Read that first, then come back and continue.
Don't worry, this journal entry will still be here when you get back.

So...? What did you think?

Also, you may recall that I've been pretending that I was all sneaky and clever or something ever since I started talking about this. Along the way, I dropped some hints and clues like I thought I was being smart or something. I dunno. But anyways, in case you have been following my various posts, I'll reveal them now:

In the Secret Poject Teaser I mentioned that one of the silhouettes was knowingly altered just to deceive you.
Looking at the picture, you can see now that it is that Gunther (far right) was drawn with a head, despite the fact that (as a headless horseman) he does not have one.
There are also a couple of unintentional differences and things I had altered since then, such as Ivan having a cape in the comic but not in the picture (I added that later), and also that they have equipment that has not yet been seen in the comic yet (such as Gunther's armor (shoulder pads are visible) and Hilda's sword).

Then in the journal update Hero's Dilemma finale coming soon, I mentioned a secret clue. The clue was in the "quick acknowledgement" to my "friends" "Abe, Mary, and 'Wash'".
The secret? Those three "friends"? I never met them in my entire life. In fact, they were dead the whole time!! 'Abe' is Abraham "Bram" Stoker, author of Dracula; Mary is Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein*; and "Wash" is Washington Irving, author of Sleepy Hallow (you know, the one with the headless horseman).
*Which was also called "The Modern Prometheus", which is why I called their race Prometheans.
These three, of course, chosen because of Ivan (a vampire, like Dracula), Hilda (a promethean, like Frankenstein's monster (who is NEVER reffered to as "Frankenstein", BTW), and Gunther (a headless horseman, like the Hessian). I didn't mention one for Olwyn, because unlike the other three, witches don't have one singular, distinct origin or origin in popularity (Dracula wasn't the first vampire, but he was the first one to make a real, lasting impact).

...wait. Is that it? Really? I thought I did a lot more of that tricksy sneaky stuff. Huh. I guess I'm not clever after all.
Well, better go throw away all of my material belongings and become an impoverished Buddhist monk.

EDIT: Oh right. I also put up a poll that one time when everyone got free premium for a day or something, where I asked people what their favorite classic movie monster was. That was back when I was still trying to come up with characters for Outcast Kingdom, and I didn't have a set group. I was going to use the feedback to make the main characters, but I had forgotten that at most three or four people ever even visit my page, so that wasn't much help. Oh well.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I write stories and draw pictures & comics.

So check out my blog. Because YOUR pageview matters.

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