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Outcast Kingdom main protagonists by Willdabeast-0305
Ivan, Hilda, Gunther, and Olwyn of Outcast Kingdom.


1. Introduce Yourselves

Ivan: I am Ivan Ruthven. [Ivan is a vampire]
Hilda. [Hilda is a promethean-- a made-up word for Outcast Kingdom for what Frankenstein's monster was]
Olwyn: Hi! I'm Olwyn Coille! [Olwyn is a witch]
Gunther: ...
[Gunther is a headless horseman-- generally referred to simply as "horsemen" in Outcast Kingdom)
Olwyn: He can't talk, but his name is Gunther.
Me: I'm William Bowles, also known as "Willdabeast" in certain circles. [William is a human]

2. What is your favorite food?

Ivan: When one is as financially unprivileged as myself, one cannot be picky about food.
Hilda: A good roast of some kind.
Olwyn: Okay, I know it's hard to come by, but definitely honey crystal! Have you ever had one? Oh. My. Gaia!
Gunther: ...
Olwyn: Ha ha! Gunther doesn't eat! He has no head!
Me: I'm a big fan of breakfast foods. So that or pizza.

3. What is your favorite drink?

Ivan: I do not wish to answer this question.
Hilda: A hardy beer. Or mead, if it's not too sweet.
Olwyn: Bush Wine! Mmm~! It's sweet and it's made from berries!
Gunther: ...
Olwyn: He doesn't drink either, of course!
Me: Um... probably some kind of smoothie or milkshake...? Do those count?

3. Do you have a favorite book?

Ivan: Have you ever read "The Last Days of Lord Nicolescu"? It is a good book.
Hilda: My people are proud warriors and alchemists. We have little need for fairy tales and the like.
Olwyn: Probably "Green Oak's Fables".

Ivan: It is a book for common children, unsuited for intelligent adults.
Olwyn: No! It's a good book with good lessons for people of all ages.
Gunther: ...
Olwyn: The only thing I ever saw him read were some old books on military tactics or something like that. Probably not a big reader. As far as we know.

Me: Maybe the Narnia books. Maybe not my absolute favorite in technical terms, but I was read them as a child, and that's probably what got me into writing in the first place.

4. Are you single or taken?

Ivan: At the moment? Single.
Hilda: What? Do I look like the romantic type? Single, thank you.
Olwyn: Uh, single...
Gunther: ...

Olwyn: He's single, too. I guess we're all just a bunch of single people...
Hilda: So?
Ivan: Again, at the moment.
Me: Single...

5. What is your favorite thing or person?

Ivan: Out of all things and persons? That is a great many things to chose from. I chose not to answer. Perhaps it is such freedom that I value.
Hilda: Does it have to be a physical object, or can it be a concept, like strength, independence, or integrity?
Olwyn: Um... magic? I mean, without magic I'd basically just be a human.

Hilda: Gross.
*gestures towards Ivan, Hilda, and Olwyn*
Hilda: Right... I meant besides each other.

6. What is your least favorite thing or person?

Ivan: Hm. I am not a fan of poverty. Particularly my own.
Hilda: Humans and cowards. Though there is a lot of overlap between the two.
Olwyn: What do I like least? Well that's not something I think about often. I don't know if I can give you a good answer.
Gunther: ...
Olwyn: I'm not entirely sure Gunther is capable of hate.
Me: I'd say apathy. If people were more empathetic, there'd be a lot less wrong in the world.

7. Do you have a favorite animal?

Ivan: I am a vampire. I will let you figure it out.
Hilda: Favorite animal? What are you, five?
Olwyn: I like cats! I have a cat familiar.
Gunther: ...
Well he's a horseman, so maybe a horse?
Me: Octopuses. Those things are crazy! They can change color and texture, and solve puzzles, and fit through tiny spaces. Did you hear about the octopus at that one zoo they put it in the tank with the sharks, and...

8. Do you have a favorite game?
Ivan: No, I am too busy trying to keep my head just above the cold, dark waters of poverty, thank you very much.
Hilda: My favorite traditional promethean games are probably the log cut and ball throw. (In one, participants attempt to cut a log in half, and in the other they throw an iron ball as far as they can. Promethean games generally revolve around feats of strength and unimaginative naming.)
Olwyn: Oh, there are many witch games. But most of them involve spell casting, and I'm no good at promethean games, so we usually just entertain ourselves with things made up on the spot with whatever we have on hand.
Gunther: ...
Olwyn: Gunther is decently good at the promethean games. He can't throw the ball as far as Hilda, but he can always win at the log cut. Again, we usually just make things up as we go.
Me: I'm a big fan of retro and indie games. It's hard to pick one, but if we're at an arcade, I do love me some Galaga. Though I really prefer tabletop games to video games, for the social aspects if nothing else
Olwyn: (What is he even talking about?)

9. What do you consider your greatest skill?

Ivan: Naturally, I am skilled in infiltration and covert operations. We nosferatu-- vampires-- are lords of the night. Our subtlety is unparalleled.
Hilda: I'm a natural leader. Give me a team and a goal, and we'll reach it-- and you can quote me on that.
Olwyn: You do have a team, Hilda!
Hilda: I have the best team there ever was! You can quote me on that, too.
Me: How about you, Olwyn?
Olwyn: Me? Well, I'd say my magic. I'm pretty good at care-taking and medical magic.
Gunther: ...
Gunther is the greatest swordsman I've ever known. I don't know if that's what he wanted to say, but I'm saying it.
Me: Huh. I don't consider myself a particularly "skillful" person, but I'm going to go with creativity. Can I do that? Does that count?

10. Ignore number 10!

Ivan: ...
Hilda: Done.
Olwyn: Okay...
Gunther: ...

Me: Um, alright...?

11. Say something to someone else in the Meme!

Ivan: This is becoming increasingly pointless.
Hilda: I agree, Ivan.
Olwyn: You guys are no fun.
Gunther: ...

Me: *too nervous to start a conversation*

12. Where is your favorite place to go?

Ivan: I would go to Bezna Valcea. It is the capital city of my people.
Hilda: I'd go to Eisenstadt-- the capital city of my people.
Olwyn: Is that what we're doing now? Just naming our own capitals? Well I wouldn't want to go to Realtacuan, because you guys wouldn't like it much and it's no fun to be the only one enjoying a place.
Gunther: ...
Where are you even from, Gunther?
Me: No where in particular, but I did get to travel across Europe before, and it was amazing! So I'm going to say Europe (in general).

13. Do you have friends?

Ivan: *rolls eyes, trying to suppress a smile* (he knows what's about to happen)
Hilda: Why, these little bastards right here! *puts her arms around the others' shoulders* They're just the best.
Olwyn: Well, yeah. We're like family. I mean, we're all different, but it's like... something in here *points to heart*. But also I have a cousin who lives here in Threshold. She helps us out a lot.
Gunther: ...

Me: I have friends. I have lots of friends. Loads. Tons. So... so many... like... you wouldn't even believe. ... ... ...

14. *glares*

Ivan: *glares back* (Note: no one out-glares a vampire)
Hilda: You looking for trouble? *stands up* Try it!
Olwyn: Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong?
Gunther: ...

Me: Why is this even here?


Ivan: Language exists to convey thoughts and ideas. Saying something random and without meaning would be less than useless.
Hilda: ...What?
Olwyn: Gunther doesn't have to answer this one for obvious reasons (and that was very insensitive of you to tell him to do).
Gunther: ...

Me: "Ur" is not short hand for "you are", it's an ancient Mesopotamian city so shut up and learn to spell! *angry face*

16. Your obsession?

Ivan: Mostly feeling nostalgic for a time that had ended long before I was born. *sigh*
Hilda: Planning for future jobs and missions, though it's not an obsession, it's just what I do as the leader.
Olwyn: I like practicing magic. Especially in the woods. Also, I like wine. But it's not an obsession!
Gunther: ...
Does Gunther even need to be here? I mean, it's not like he can answer anything himself. And most of the questions you've asked were the sorts of things we don't know about him.
Me: My stories.

17. What kind of question is number 17?
Ivan: It is a pointless question one asks in a weak attempt to appear clever.
Boring. Next.
Olwyn: It kind of just explains itself...?
Gunther: ...
Me: I'm going to agree with Ivan on this one, but in a less condescending way.

18. Free chat!

Ivan: What's the plan, Hilda?
Hilda: Well, we've got a couple of job options at the moment, so (blah blah blah business stuff)
Olwyn: You guys! Let's go to The Pink Familiar after this, okay?
*gestures in agreement*
Me: *reluctant to interrupt*

19. Characters, Do you want to hurt your owner for making you do this? Owner, What do you think of your characters response?

Ivan: It has been a waste of time for the most part, but not one that merits violence. Olwyn seemed to enjoy it, so I suppose it was alright.
Hilda: Well, humans start out with a negative score on my list to begin with. Then take a few more for making me sit through this...
Me: *hides*
Olwyn: Hurt him? Why would I want to hurt him? I had fun!
Gunther: *waves a hand dismissively* [this means no]
*still hiding*

20. Characters what do you think of your owner? Owner, what do you think of your characters?
Ivan: He is human, which makes him detestable in my eyes. But he has also given me these fine friends and allies. So I can forgive him his humanity for that.
Hilda: He looks weak. And human. And he's probably a coward, too. I don't like him much at all.
Olwyn: Oh, leave him alone, Hilda. Not everyone is a big strong warrior.
Gunther: ...
I really like them. I think they all have strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal qualities that make each likable in a different way. I think they make a good team.

I tag: All who chose to participate may consider themselves tagged. (But give me a link to it in the comments so I can see it)


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